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Amlodipine + Atenolol


COMPOSITION: Amlodipine 5mg + Atenolol 50mg

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Introduction of Amlodipine + Atenolol

ALMOSU – AT, manufactured by Matins Pharma, is a combination medication containing Amlodipine 5mg and Atenolol 50mg. This unique formulation combines two antihypertensive agents with complementary mechanisms of action to effectively manage hypertension and related cardiovascular conditions. Amlodipine belongs to the class of calcium channel blockers, while Atenolol is a beta-blocker. Together, they work synergistically to control blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

Uses of Amlodipine + Atenolol

    1. Hypertension Management: ALMOSU – AT is primarily used for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure). By blocking calcium channels and reducing the heart’s workload and oxygen demand, this medication helps relax blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and improve blood flow, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular complications associated with hypertension.
    1. Angina Pectoris: ALMOSU – AT may also be prescribed for the management of angina pectoris (chest pain), particularly in patients with coexisting hypertension. Amlodipine helps dilate coronary arteries, improving myocardial oxygen supply, while Atenolol reduces heart rate and myocardial contractility, thereby reducing myocardial oxygen demand.

Side Effects of Amlodipine + Atenolol

While ALMOSU – AT is generally well-tolerated, some individuals may experience side effects, which may include:

– Dizziness

– Fatigue

– Headache

– Swelling of the ankles or feet

– Nausea

– Flushing

– Bradycardia (slow heart rate)

– Hypotension (low blood pressure)

Rare but serious side effects may include allergic reactions, worsening of heart failure symptoms, or abnormal heart rhythms. It is essential to seek medical attention if any adverse reactions occur.

Safety Advice of Amlodipine + Atenolol

– Consultation: Before initiating treatment with ALMOSU – AT, patients should undergo a thorough medical evaluation, including a review of medical history and concomitant medications, to assess suitability and identify any potential contraindications or drug interactions.

– Monitoring: Regular monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, and electrolyte levels is recommended during treatment to ensure optimal response and detect any adverse effects promptly.

– Compliance: Patients should adhere to the prescribed dosage regimen and avoid sudden discontinuation of the medication, as it may lead to rebound hypertension or other complications.

Dosage of Amlodipine + Atenolol

The recommended dosage of ALMOSU – AT may vary depending on individual patient factors and the severity of hypertension. Typically, the initial dosage may involve one tablet once daily, with adjustments made as necessary under medical supervision to achieve optimal blood pressure control.

How Long Does It Take for Amlodipine + Atenolol to Work?

The onset of action of ALMOSU – AT may vary among individuals, with noticeable reductions in blood pressure typically observed within hours to days after initiating treatment. However, full therapeutic effects may take several weeks of consistent use. It is essential to continue medication as prescribed and follow up with healthcare providers for monitoring and dosage adjustments as needed.


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