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India is the 7nd largest country in the world in terms of geographical area and the 2nd most populous country in terms of Human Population. This gives us a direct insight to the high density of population in our country. India has a population density of 382 per square kilometer against the global average of 46 per square kilometer. This high population density is a challenge and opportunity for the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

The Pharmaceutical Industry in India comprises of majorly 2 types of pharma companies namely the Generic/Branded Drug Companies and the Propaganda cum Distribution (PCD) pharma companies.

Type of Pharma Companies

The Generic/Branded Drug companies are the big names in the Indian Pharma Industry which have their own marketing and distribution networks. They sell off their medicinal products through the C and F agents to the retailers and product promotion is done by their own medical representatives.

PCD Pharma Company

The Propaganda cum Distribution (PCD) pharma companies follow a unique model of distribution when it comes to promoting their medicine supplies under the franchise model. In the Pharma Franchise model, the PCD companies offer their marketing and distribution rights on monopoly basis to its franchise partners for a particular agreed territory only.  

In this scenario, the products are promoted by the distributor/franchise partner in that territory, by introducing the new PCD Company to various medical practitioners in that area. The las leg sales are responsibility of the PCD distributor including the supply to retailers, collection of payments, incentive schemes to various people in the pharma sales chain, ordering of goods to the PCD Pharma Company and maintaining stocks for the running items.

The PCD Pharma companies on the other hand will invest most of their money in 2 activities, namely investment in GMP certified medicines and promotional goods for the franchise partners. These types of Pharma companies generally go for bulk production of the goods via contract manufacturing or their own plants. They maintain stock for the distributors and provide them with supplies on just in time basis based on their orders. In addition that, they generally offer a wide range of products so that the distributors can choose and promote the products desired by medical practitioners in their area. The investment in opening a PCD Pharma company is huge as you get standard batch size of 500-1000 boxes of a particular product when you go for contract manufacturing. Further to this, the Pharma companies provides the best of promotional material like Visual Aids, MR Bags, Reminder Cards, and Visiting Cards for Distributor MRs, etc. It is the responsibility of the PCD Pharma Company to maintain the quality of medicines by having contracts with the best of suppliers which are WHO/GMP certified. Since the products are to be promoted at local levels by the PCD distributors, it is important for PCD Companies to provide very attractive packing for their wide basket of products.

This model is an ideal situation for both the PCD Company and the PCD Distributor as the pharma company needs to have a single point of contact with a single party and all other activities are outsourced to the distributor.

For the PCD Franchise holder, it is a great advantage that he will have the pharma distributorship on monopoly basis as he doesn’t have to fight with any other player in the market for the same company sales. He can maintain his prices in the market and promote in his territory. The margins are very high for a pharma distributor that too at a very small investment.

By taking PCD Pharma Franchise of a reputed pharma company you can earn huge profits with very less investment and a short turnaround time.

Matins Pharma, PCD Pharma Franchise

MATINS PHARMA is a growing PCD Pharma company offering pharma franchise in India. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of high quality pharma supplies under PCD Franchise model. We are ranked among the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies because of the wide product range, fair and transparent dealing, on time product dispatch guarantee and GMP certified products with best in class packing. You may contact the undersigned for more details on PCD business. He has over 40 years of experience in running a PCD Pharma Company.


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